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Jun 26, 2018

Krofne – a social enterprise

Krofne is a social enterprise that provides meaningful employment to people with Down syndrome alongside people without disability. Krofne makes European style donuts and sells at market stalls across the Canberra region.

Below is an interview with Danijela Vrkic, the founder of Krofne Donuts.

Why did you start the business?

My husband and I were looking at our son Anthony’s future employment prospects and realised there weren’t many options for him, so we decided that we would create employment for him by starting up a business he could be involved in fully after he finished school. He now has only 2 years left of school so when he finishes, he will be familiar and experienced in a work environment that is both inclusive and supportive.

What were you hoping to achieve?

We are hoping to expand our business model nationally. We also strive to have the best donuts in Australia whilst providing meaningful employment opportunities to people with Down syndrome.

What have the key parts been to being successful?

Having an excellent product, second to none customer service and well trained staff have all been essential to our success.We believe in investing in staff training and making reasonable adjustments in the workplace to support employees.

What have you learnt through the process? What has been a challenge?

Nothing is easy! Having supportive families of the person with Down syndrome is really important. It takes a lot of patience and repetition to train our staff- offering shorter shifts as they are on their feet all of the time is essential. Many parents of people with Down syndrome want to support their child to work but also don’t want them to lose the DSP. So understanding the relationship between employment and the DSP has been essential.

What top tips would you share with others?

Offer shorter working hours and consider a workplace support person to assist the person with Down Syndrome to learn the tasks. Additional training is always good and always have someone that can help the employee with the task if they have lost focus.Treat everyone the same. Make sure that the person with Down syndrome knows exactly what is expected of them and ensure that they can get to work each day.

Anything else you think is important to add?

It is heaps of fun, challenging and rewarding all in one!

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