Business BOOST Centre™ works with small business in helping them improve their efficiencies, productivity and profitability.

Our philosophy is simple.

We have based our model on a time proven and tested structure that has been used by the greatest military powers in the world. Refined over time since before Alexander the Great.

To put it into context the Roman Empire lasted many hundreds of years. And the Roman army in its day was considered to be the best. However without the support structure in the background, which is rarely mentioned in historical texts, they would have been just like any other force at the time. Limited by what they could scrounge from their conquests.

What Alexander the Great and the Romans had was structured support systems that enabled them to deliver operational supremacy in the field.

Structured support systems

The key to this was their communication and meticulous record keeping. This enabled them to track and manage their campaigns by the numbers. We can draw many Parallels between Business and the Military. And In our view every business needs to be divided into two distinct functions. The military call these operational command and support command.

You can think of your business as operational command and Business BOOST Centre™ services as your support command working with you on your entrepreneurial journey

Like a military commander you need to set up a support system to assist you in your conquests. Whether it’s landing rockets, running a law practice, selling finance or investment products or health and wellbeing, even moving dirt. Whatever your business, if you want to increase your revenue and profits you need systems and you need to know your numbers.

Business BOOSTer System™

This tailored suite of 16 products is designed to help your business achieve operational supremacy in your industry.

We have worked hard to develop a support structure for small business that enables you the owner to pick and choose specific services to support you in achieving your strategic goals. Each specific service in the suite is designed to deliver specific results and value with clearly defined deliverables.

Each is tailored to your specific needs based on your business size and industry you operate in.


This is for you that are just starting on your adventure. You need guidance and direction. We have done it before.. many times we can put you on the right track.


As you start off you will realise that you need to keep records. We help you develop your systems to maintain your records to the appropriate standards


There is a bunch of stuff you need to register for. GST is just one example. Depending on the industry you work in – for example TPAR, LSL and so on.


As an employer, there are numerous additional burdens. Like timesheets, understanding Awards, the NES – National employment standards, Leave entitlements, Payroll processing, withholding taxes, Superannuation .. the list goes on.


Everyone hates it. But if you are generating more than 75K in yearly revenue it’s a given. Everyone has to do it.

Accounts Payable

Eventually you will get credit terms on your purchases and that means occasionally paying your bills. There are ways of systemising these processes to save you time and reduce your stress.

Accounts Receivable

The most important part – getting paid. Making sure it’s on time and sustaining your cashflow. They say Cash is king – We disagree. In our view CASHFLOW is KING.


Occasionally you will get a rogue client. This is where you need to be on top of your receivables and sometimes take further more stern action.


All transactions need to be coded to appropriate accounts and take into consideration the tax treatment of each transaction. This is the grunt work. Everyone hates it.. but there is no getting away.


After the coding is done, we need to balance the books and accounts. This then is the basis for your filing and reporting.


Some of the busiest periods for Accountants and Bookkeepers. For you as a business person this is where everything gets measured.


The question is – do you pass or fail? Some never know as they fail before they even start. P&L, balance Sheet, Assets, Liabilities and so on. This is where you get to know your numbers.


If you are still using paper based systems, you might as well close up shop and go home. You are being left behind and will not be able to compete on a level playing field. We help you set up and integrate packages such as Xero, Vend for Point of Sale, Kounta for Cafe’s and Restaurants, Deputy for Time and attendance and numerous others.


Do you have a strategic plan for dominating your industry? How do you develop your operational supremacy? All aspects of your business tie together.


Do you know the risks your business is facing every day? Do you have a management or mitigation plan? Do you know what action to take if things go pear shape.


Occasionally businesses get into trouble. Most times it is due to neglect or not having a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Then all of a sudden the Tax man is knocking on the door and you are way behind. With our rescue service we get you up to date and on the straight and narrow in no time. Resources can be thrown at the issue to resolve it fast.


Where we review the status of your back office and provide constructive advice on improvements you can make to get your business humming like a Roman legion on a military campaign.

Find out how Business Boost Centre™ can take your business to the next level.

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